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Here are some diagrams and terms that you may find useful in helping to describe your product to us.

Arc – The degree of bend for the curved portion of an pipe, tube or beam.

Bevel - A type of end finishing for a pipe, tube or beam.

Centerline Radius (CR) - Distance from the center of curve to the centerline axis of the pipe, tube or beam. Abbreviated as CLR.

Cold Bending – Using cold shaping methods to bend a pipe or other object.

Degree – An increment of angle to form a bend above the plane of 0 degrees, to which the bend is formed (i.e. 10, degrees, 45 degrees, 90 degrees, 180 degrees, etc.) See Diagram

Easy Way (EZ) - Bending of a rectangular pipe, tube or beam along its shortest dimension of length.

Hard Way (HW) - Bending of a rectangular pipe, tube or beam along its thickest dimension of length.

I.D. – The Inside diameter of the pipe or tube.

Neutral Axis – The unbent portion of an object (pipe, tube or beam) that is neither compressed or under tension due to bend.

O.D. – The Outside diameter of a pipe, tube or beam in inches.

Out of Plane - The deviation from a horizontal plane of rectangular object by a single bend, between its tangent points and the centerline of the bend.

Ovality - The distortion of pipe or tube from it’s a circular shape caused by bending.

Material Grade - Manufacturers' specification of material for pipe, tube or beam material, (i.e. A53B, T304W SS).

Plain End - Square cuts made to a pipe, tube or beam prior to bending.

Roll Past – Degree or fraction of degree that a pipe, tube or beam is bent beyond a specified point.

Rough Cut - Pipe, tube or beam end cuts that are not required to be straight.

Square Cut – End cuts to a pipe, tube or beam that are square to the centerline of a bend after the bending process.

Tangent - The straight portion of material on either side of arc of a bend.

Tangent Point - A point where the bend of a pipe, tube or beam begins or ends.

Taper Bore - A milling or grinding out of the inside diameter of the end of a bend to create a tapered pipe or tube diameter.

Wall - The thickness in inches of the outside wall of a pipe or tube.

Wrinkles - Ribbed or wavy indentations in the inner bend angle of a bend of a pipe, tube or beam.

a - First straight
b - Second straight
d - pipe or tube diameter
L - Length of Bend
H - Height of Bend
A - Degree of Bend
W - Material wall thickness
w - Width of bend
CR Centerline Radius

a = First straight
b = First bend
c - Mid-straight
d - Second bend
e - Last straight

O - Height of offset
L - Length of offset
R1 - First radius
R2 - Second radius
W - Tube wall thickness
D - Tube outside diameter



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