Other Services

Other Services

  • Spiral Bending
  • Material Straightening
  • Beam Splitting
  • Cambering
  • Plate Forming and More

Stair Stringers

Great American Rolling, Inc. has earned a reputation for its outstanding rolling of custom-built spiral staircases, curved stairs and floating stairs. We have created an environment with a quality assurance team, having the tools & equipment needed to make the difficult bends achievable. We pride ourselves on the highest quality of service.

Helical rolling, also known as pitched rolling or sloped rolling is one of the more complex processes that bender/roller companies might incorporate into their rolling services. Helical rolling is typically used for curved stair stringers, curved hand rails and helical transfer conveyors. With the increasing advances in bending and rolling machinery, the potential range of radii and pitch dimensions that can be managed for steel members has grown exponentially.

Spiral Staircase